Friday, June 28, 2013

I Found This Post In Drafts...It's Too Cute Not To Share

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I found this in the with a few unpublished drafts on the blog...strangely even though the counter shows zero page views for this post, there is one comment from a follower. Possibly I had published it and then found a typo (imagine that), corrected the mistake and then it didn't get republished?

Original Post Date 11/18/09!!

Original Title = Look Into My Eyes

Don't you have an unexplainable urge to give them a dogie treat!?

Reggie (in front) will be my traveling companion to Georgia in January and will be of no value for protection...he only barks for cats and squirrels. Reggie is really showing his age now and time has not been kind to him this past year.

I'd take his bed buddy Newt along, but she's just to arthritic and heavy for me to get her in and out of the SUV. Poor sweet Newt had to be put down the following March...the arthritis just became too painful for her to bare...and Labs can handle a lot.

I have to study some different post to see how multiple pictures are handled. I've had to redo this several times because things get all out of whack when I try to have more than one picture. The weather was really pleasant last night and we were able to have a fire outside and sip some wine. I'm not having any luck inserting a picture of the fire!

Let's see...what have I been up to in the past few days...Thursday...two ladies joined me for lunch at an Indian restaurant in Schaumburg...mmm-mmm-good! Friday evening my sweetie and I went to a mostly couples party at an ILG (Internet Ladies Group) friends house...there were 19 of us. The men folk did really well considering most of them had not met before and we women were yakking like long lost friends. It was a good time!

Do you create drafts with just a title when you have flash of brilliance for a future post?

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