Friday, June 21, 2013

Have You Ever Accidentaly Deleted A Photo From Your iPhone?

UUUUHHHHHH!!!!!! Four hours and $69 later, I have the picture back!
If it wasn't for the fact that I have to send it to the local paper as guild photo op, the deletion would have been a minor "Oopps" in the grand scheme of life. We were dropping off a stack of baby quilts to Safe Choice Pregnancy in Ellijay.
It all started so innocently this morning when I slipped on my glasses and checked my email (yes, I keep my phone by my I'm ever going to get a call/text that can't wait until morning). I had received an email for an Amazon cloud drive app, which then took me to my camera roll, which reminded me that I needed to send in this picture, which brought it to my attention that I didn't need all the reject photos from the photo op. Ssoooo....I started deleting the pictures and then GASP...I realized I had deleted this one too.
Now, if I were younger (like 12 and had the innate techno abilities they seem to have), smarter, and more patient, I would have been able wade through all that data to find the bit of megabits that were that picture. But since I'm not any of those thing, I had to finally cave and get out the credit card and pay my $69 (WooHoo it was on sale) so I could get my picture back and finally meet my obligation.
This is one of the great things about a blog...venting. Sure, I could have vented to Sweetie and in all his maleness he would surely have said " have to be more careful".  He would have completely forgotten or ignored the fact that he managed to erase ALL the pictures off his phone a few weeks ago trying to load his Ride For The Wall pictures onto his computer.
I feel better now and I didn't even have to remind Sweetie of his own technological shortcomings!

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