Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet My New Quilting Buddy

Meet Bear and yes, this is his favorite spot in my quilt shop. That's why I usually have to sneak down without him. We probably should have called him Shadow.

He's 8 years old and is a Newfie/Lab? mix that we got from Atlanta Dog Squad in March.  They got Bear from a shelter in south Georgia and was is really tough shape when they found him.  His paperwork said that they had to give him several baths to get rid of a manure smell in his coat. He was treated for a wide variety of worms (including a mild case of heart worms) and a prostate condition, and his coat was all matted. Fortunately they didn't have to shave him. His teeth are pretty worn down from trying to chew his way out of an enclosure of some type for a long time. Plus, he was really skinny. Bear lived at a veterinary clinic that works with Atlanta Dog Squad for several months before he could be put up for foster/adoption.

He didn't shed hardly at all when we picked him up....but holy moly, when he's in a shed cycle (2 times a year) there's clumps of hair and hair bunnies everywhere....all the time!

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