Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Experimenting With Threads And Tension On My New Juki

Aaahhh, more of the lovely dusty pink fabric....

The top row in the above picture was done with 40# cotton on top and in the bobbin (both pictures are of the backside of each practice sandwich) and produced a nice meaty stitch. It was quilt shop quality thread, but it sure is linty....I think it's called Star something or other. The upper thread tension was at 2 (I think) and I had to adjust the bobbin screw a quarter turn to the right (at 3 o'clock).

After finishing the top row I realized I was out of bobbin thread and decided to try using a pre-wound bobbin of Bottom Line from Superior Thread. For sure the top tension was at 2 and I turned the bobbin screw to 11 o'clock...I am happy with the stitch.

Also, the Bottom Line (poly) wasn't affected by the hot iron when removing the Miracle Powder used with the Full Line Stencils.

The above picture (again the backside) was done with Bottom Line on top and in the bobbin. I sewed the first row with the same settings as the cotton/Bottom Line row and the top side looked really good. But on the back...not so much. The tread wasn't laying on the fabric, but there wasn't much stitch definition.
I experimented with the upper tension without much improvement, so I thought just for the heck of it, I would wrap the thread one more time in the upper tensioner like you would with works. I'm happy with the stitching.
I used thread color 623 (silver) in Bottom Line which their website says almost disappears or takes on the color of the fabric and it really does!!!

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