Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bubba's In The Hospital

Bubba wasn't checked in until this morning. I had a lunch yesterday with WIG ladies...8 of us met for lunch at California Kitchen Pizza in Schaumburg...very good menu, but a little noisy for a person with hearing problems. I don't think Bubba has major issues, but I'm such a rookie and was out of patience after all the hassle of just getting to the point of actually sewing. When I checked him in, I had to fess up that I may have cleaned out something that I shouldn't have. I discovered that a tiny little piece of dense fuzz that I pulled out had a backing on it. The lady at the store said it was probably felt and not fuzz...oooppss! I did that after the jam up when I was trying to determine why the stitching was off. Hopefully, Bubba will be back home soon.

We're having a second visit on the house tomorrow (granddaughters saw this weekend and grandmother in town from Florida coming tomorrow)so I had to put everything away again (in one place). That's OK...we sure want to get this place sold and hit the road to Georgia!!!!

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