Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Last Holiday To Celebrate Here!

Thanksgiving will be the last family celebration here. We will still be here for Christmas but if everything goes well (inspection and Grandma's longevity) we will be too busy packing. We have accepted an offer on the house from Florida Grandma and we close on December 28th. Grandma is 87...a fragile yet spry 87...and I say a little prayer for her well being every night. I doubt that she still drives and I do fear that she will be lonely here, even though family lives less than 10 miles away.

After the closing on morning of the 28th, we will put the bare essentials in a little U-Haul trailer (everything else going in Pods) and head for Georgia!!!!

Thank you Cowgirlquilter for reminding me to pick up milk today! All the other shopping was done by Monday morning, but I put off getting milk and bananas until today.

Bubba was picked up yesterday and still does the same thing...the first 3-4 stitches have the top thread laying on top of the bottom thread. I will visit the dealer again.

OK...It's off to do some more food prep. I like to cook in peace and quiet so, I get everything but the turkey done the day before (sweet potatoes baked yesterday)and then everything get popped in the oven and the turkey in the Nesco when ever on Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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