Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Am Ment To Be A Long arm Quilter!

The Expo was 75% quilting!!!! Let me try and name off the quilting machines I was able to try out: Tin Lizzie, Gammill, Nolting, Voyager, Indigo, Mega Quilter, and a couple more that I can't remember. The only one that wasn't there that I wanted to try was the HQ16.

To my surprise, the one that I enjoyed the most was the Voyager! It's the cheapest and doesn't look as slick as others...but it was smooth! Even without the stitch regulator turned on, it worked great. I even had to go back to it several times to compare the feel. Maybe they did a better job setting up for the show, but most of the others (especially the big dogs) weren't that smooth.

I don't normally pat myself on the back....but damn....I did good...even without stitch regulation!


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