Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Keepsake Have You Had The Longest?

This doggie is my oldest possession.  My Aunt Margie made it for me out of what appears to be a feed sack.  I'm not sure if it was made before or after my birth, but I did have it by the time I started cutting teeth.  It's poor tail got the worst of it, followed by the nose and front feet.  It also appears to have been gutted at some point.  Oh by the way, I'm 58.

Eventually, I will attend a quilt guild meeting!  First, the meeting was moved to another church, then I couldn't get it together in time to go to the next one, and this week I get to the church and no one is there.  The church secretary said they cancelled because there was going to be a funeral there that afternoon.  Who should walk in but the lady that was reading the sign on the door the first week.  Her Internet must still be down.  The church secretary took my name and number just incase there's a funeral next Tuesday.  She said to not give up on the guild because they were a really good group. 

Next week is Show and Tell, if they stay on schedule.  This week was to have been a class on making pillow cases.  Bubba is a little bulky to take to class, so I'm glad I was just going to meet, greet and observe.  Guess I'll have to think about getting a light weight for classes...any suggestions?

Ok, back to watching the Olympics fulltime.


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  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog. You will love patchwork. I have been doing it on and off for over thirty years and never get fed up with it. Pretty fabrics are difficult to cut - just go out and buy more!