Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Quilt Guild Experience Today

Today will be my first quilt guild experience...Apple Country Quilters meets every Tuesday at the Methodist Church in Ellijay. It has to be better than the Garden body showed up...must be defunct.

Ok...This is my first quilt. As you can see, it's not anywhere near being done. Somewhere in there I have started hand quilting around each rectangle, but I'm not sure when or if it will ever be finished. The border material was purchased years ago (long before I ever thought of quilting) at a really cool shop in Cedarburg, that little town! The fabric really grabbed me and I knew that someday I would do something with it. In the gated community where I live they just started a hand work craft group that will meet for a couple of hours twice a month. Maybe after a years worth of meetings I'll have this done.

After I started hand quilting this, I decided machine quilting was the way to go and started practicing free motion quilting. I'm sure I've gotten pretty rusty in the months of move prep, moving, and unpacking, so I'll have to practice, practice, practice again.

Some things I've learned: 1.) I don't like quilting in (or is it on) a hoop and would rather just have it on my lap. I thought I was going to be making a crib size quilt, but this is almost a twin and a real lap full. 2.) I'm not wild about hand quilting...even though I'm not that bad at it.


  1. Love the colors......with this wintery mix outside...quilting is what i'm doing today....


    ps...i started to hand quilt a lap size quilt...ohhh..about 5 years's still in the hoop!!

  2. Thanks. It's a bit dreary here, but no snow or rain falling. I'm really enjoying having fleece for a winter coat instead of a parka!

  3. It's going to be beautiful!
    I can't imagine hand quilting... or hand sewing anything, LOL. I do everything on the machine, including the binding! But I am a lazy quilter!

  4. I have sometimes thought of going to one of the Apple Country Quilters meetings, but never have. I have gone to a quilters meeting in Jasper, but just to drop a quilt off to be quilted on a long-arm machine. Maybe it is vanity (?) but I felt like I was too young to be in that group - LOL. Love your colorful quilt, good luck in quilting it, it will be great.

    Cool to find someone from Ellijay that blogs and quilts like me!

  5. CJ, with your wonderful set-up I wouldn't quilt anything by hand either - I'm so jealous of your HQ16.

  6. Hi Susan, I'll find out next week how the group is. When I got to the church I found a note on the meeting room door that it had been moved to another church for the week. There was another woman there reading the note and she said that next week would be better because it would be the business/planning meeting for the month. She also said that they had about 35 members. I didn't ask the age range. She appeared to be about 65ish+. I'm hoping for women that are at least young in spirit.

  7. Your quilt is wonderful. I can't believe it's your first one. So pretty.