Friday, March 5, 2010

New On The Design Wall

The top two blocks are my first experiment with QAYG strips and I really like it. I may try a larger block, say 12.5 or 16.5 inches to do a king size. As much as I love bright colors, I'll probably use reds, greens, browns, and blue in a controlled scrap design.

The bottom two blocks are an experiment with QAYG and a block from Oh,Fransson! To be honest the block on the left didn't start out as wonky, it just ended up that way. It was so darn cute that I had to make one trying to be wonky. Being wonky requires you to pay more attention to your strip size to accomodate your wonkiness. Also, the back of the first block wasn't so cute, so for the second block I sewed the strips to the batting and will attach the backing with some ditch stitches.

Another note, I used some fusable polyester batting that I had picked up some time ago and I'm not a big fan of it!

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