Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Late week, I was at a quilt show at Bullock Hall in Roswell. My favorite area of the mansion was the attic.

Sweetie and I have made several trips the past week to Lowe's and Home Depot for building supplies for the game room.

The Apple Country Guild is working on a raffle quilt. Thirteen of us meet at the Mountain Town Fire Station, where I had my first experience in setting up a quilt frame, loading a quilt on a frame, and hand quilting sideways. Normally, I don't use a frame at all and I quilt towards myself (like The Thimble Lady does). We meet there again next week for another sew-in (longer than normal quild meetings).

Our community handcraft group meet again, but I didn't make it into town to buy needles and yarn to try my hand at knitting. I will do that before the next meeting. It was so nice outside on the day we met, we sat outside and crafted.

After I had finished the table topper/giant placemat, I couldn't decide for a while what to use for a backing. When my scrap order arrived, I decided to piece the back. Now I have to decide if I will quilt each piece separately and bind, or quilt once and bind.

I think I need an even bigger design wall!

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