Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wonky Die Cut? Charm Squares

These are from a couple of purchased(I assume die cut) charm square packs that I had purchased some time ago from a well known on-line fabric company. They were purchased when I was really new to quilting and where actually my first on-line fabric buy. IMHO, they were over priced, of questionable quality (very ravelly) and poorly cut. With rare exception, I would not have been interested in buying yardage of the charms in the packs and set them aside to use as practice stash stuff.

I was inspired to make a table runner after I received an email from Fat Quarter Shop (didn't buy Charms from them) with a red, white, and blue runner pictured. So I took out my charms and played around with them on the design wall and started sewing sub sections together. Some of them just didn't lay right. I checked my seam allowances, took some apart and re-sewed...but still off. Then I decided to check some of the left over charms and discovered the wonkiness. The two charms shown came out of the worst 4 pc subset.

Since there was a limited amount of reds in the charm packs, I've dipped in to my limited stash of red. For varieties sake, I have to break into a flag kit for some more reds. All the usable lights are sewn, so I'll have to work with my extremely limited light blue and white stash. I hate the thought of cutting into that beautiful sky fabric. Maybe it's really due to the fact that I really don't enjoy cutting fabric!!!!! Maybe I don't enjoy it because I have accuracy issues and tend to cut too small!!!

OK, I'm off to help Sweetie put insulation in the game room walls.

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