Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sad Times In Quilt City

We have all been very sad here since Tuesday. Sweetie had to have his dog Newt put down because the pain from her arthritis just got to be too much for her. Sweetie would breakdown the first two days at the least little remembrance of her and Reggie seems bewildered by her absence. Newt has gone swimming in that big pond in the sky.

Update on wonky charm square project:

After taking a couple of sections apart and cutting some charm squares, its ready to be made into a quilt sandwich. Yesterday, I started brushing up on free motion quilting. I cut up an old sheet and used that fusible batting that I didn't like to make a sandwich. Now, I really don't like the fusible batting, it make such a stiff sandwich.

A while back I bought a stencil for meandering to use to try and get muscle memory for meandering and finally got my chalk pouncer thing to work right. I will have to say it lets you do very evenly spaced meandering. I made the practice sandwich big enough to make into a bed cover for Reggie.

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