Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogger's Slump!

Sweetie and I have been back from WI & IL for over a week and I just couldn't seem to get my butt in gear and do a post.

We just got back from a ride (motorcycle) on the back roads to Jasper, GA....slightly overcast but otherwise a great day for a ride.

Max has her days where you love her and days where you question your decision to bring her home. I'm not sure who is really in training for house breaking...her or us! So good so far. Besides chewing up her squeaky toys, her dog bed, my Columbia black fleece jacket, and my Clark sandal are all history.

Let's see, what's up on the quilting scene:

I was able to find the yellow fabric that I was looking for while we were in Illinois. It seamed so much more intense in color in the store, but when you hold them side by side there is very little difference.

My new WIP is hexagons cut from 2.5 inch strips. They will be machine sewn.

The rock bed for the down spout drain is finished. I had to use the rocks from the rock flower bed, so the rock bed is on hold.

While at my LQS, I saw the cutest thing...Cloth Dolls...same concept as paper dolls. I'll make them for my GD to play with on my design wall.


  1. Love the cloth doll! So cute. I think my granddaughters are past that age, teens... What back roads did you use to go to Jasper? I love to ride the back roads much better than the interstates or other 4-lane roads. Have a great weekend!

  2. This was our first ride (took a long time to get bike registered) so we took Old 5. I goes by our community gate. There are a lot to choose from. Also, there is a long section of Old 5 that will be good (fairly flat) for peddle bike riding.

    I'll probably play with the dolls to.

  3. I have some paper dolls and clothes from when they first came out that I have yet to make. I fell in love with them when I saw them made up at Quiltfest in Jacksonville, FL last year. I got the stuff to put on the back and all... Need to get to it! lol
    Love your blog! You should join our WED hexie group! well, looks like you don't need it. I did it to push me to get some done each week. Yours are looking great! XO