Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Hexagons And Other Things

This is the start of the hexagon block that I'm making for Country Stitches (Blue Ridge) Show and Tell.

Sweetie and I have been working in the game room this week. I am the paint crew. After the priming and painting was done, we finished the wainscoting. Yesterday we went to town on it... I cut wood to size on the chop saw and then applied adhesive. Sweetie used his air nailer to attach the wood. We knocked that out in about four hours! Hhmmmm...I think I need to say no to the chips and cookies!!!

This week, I also started my flower bed with some plants from Little G's in Cherry Log. This is a shot taken from a series of hour by hour changes in the sun pattern of the bed.

Last night or early morning we had visitors...hungry visitors...

They left the Summer Pastel Yarrow alone, nibbled the blossoms off the Firecracker Dianthus, and yanked the Bumble Bee African Daisy right out of the ground. The stems on the daisy are pretty sturdy so they only ate one blossom before they moved on to a Maple cluster for it's second trimming of the season.

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  1. I like your design wall! Sorry about the hungry critters... one of the things we have to put up with if we want to live in these beautiful mountains!