Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Things Are Lost In Translation!



,according to Google Translate, translates to this:

Chinese (Simplified) - English
If you become a match, but also light a short space; If it is a raven, but also Jiaoteng occlusion of the eardrum. .

Sometimes, you don't even have to translate to get the jest of the message. One comment that I have received couldn't be translated by Google, but four words were in English...SEX three times and KISS once.

On a quilty note...

At Apple Country Guild today, we had demonstrations on at least four different methods of doing applique. Each person had handy tips and I can see using a little bit of all of them.

After the demos some of us headed up to Blairsville for ribs and a stop off in Blue Ridge at Country Stitches, to pick up some more back ground material. Country Stitches has a monthly Show & Tell and each month they give you fabric to make a block. You bring your completed block to Show & Tell and you turn it in for more fabric. I didn't think to ask what's done with them...I assume charity quilts...I'll have to ask.

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  1. I got this same chinese quote on my blog and I don't know if it is some code or something - I don't speak chinese and I do not understand what s/ or he is trying to do. Maybe its some computering hacking code or something