Friday, July 9, 2010

Blogging On The Porch

This morning, after the flowers were watered, the furkids were brushed, the hair swept up in the greatroom (daily ritual)and a cup of coffee was made, I headed out to the porch to read. I had my coffee and book and the doggies had a fresh bowl of water, so I settled into a log rocker with coffee in hand, opened my book and eeerrr! doh! duh! drat!....after reading the first sentence, I realized that I've already read this book. I had checked it out a couple of years ago when it was new!

Not to waste the cool of the morning, I went up to the loft and got the laptop, brought it down to the porch and jumped into the web universe. Isn't wireless Internet a marvelous thing!

I've seen a lot of collages lately in blogs and I've played with it before on Picasa, so I thought I would use it today. My pictures start out at a high resolution so at this point Blogger will only let me put up three pictures. Susan and Sandy...any tips since you both blog with such beautiful pictures. I also need to figure out inserting links!

The collage pictures were taken two years ago at the annual flower show held at Navy Pier, on the lakefront in Chicago.

When the heat comes back this afternoon, I'll be heading back to the quilt room. Late last night I got this inspiration for a hexagon quilt block that I could actually use strips and to some chain piecing!!!!!


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  1. Beautiful flower pictures! I like to make collages too, such fun. I have never had any problem uploading pictures to Blogger. Windows offers a downloadable picture resizer for Windows XP or earlier versions that is great, just right click on the picture and resize it - or do a bunch of pics at once. I now have Windows 7 and downloaded free VSO Image Resizer which works good too. I try to upload pics to Blogger that are around 100 kb so as not to use up so much space. As far as links - it depends on if you want links in the body of the blog post (like I did today) or if you are talking about links on your sidebar etc. Links in the body of your blog post can be done with the little 'link' button at the top of your post, it looks like a little green globe with a chainlink on top? Anyway, let me know if you have any trouble. Sorry I took up so much space here, don't have your email address. Have fun!