Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guild Project

Here are the pictures of some finger pincushion that we made at the guild. I didn't make these particular ones...mine are already at the LQS and as a matter of fact one of mine was the first to sell (grin). I jazzed mine up with some braiding on the cap.

Two of the three books have been read, but since heat came back I haven't read as much. I really enjoyed going out on the back porch and reading under the fans.

The past couple of days I have made it back into the sewing room...just playing around on the machine, reading quilt books and doing a little straightening up.

Tonight was date night, so Sweetie and I went to Jasper and had Chinese at Ably's...major yum! The mango sticky rice was exceptional tonight!


  1. these are so cute, are those bottle caps?

  2. Yes, we're using large and small caps. The larger drink caps become wrist pin cushions.