Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I Will Be Reading

After quilt guild this morning, I went to the library to get more reading material. This should keep me busy for a week or so.

Speaking of the guild...we made the cutest things (and of course I didn't get a picture)that were of the quilty and recycle nature! We made finger and wrist pin cushions using plastic bottle caps, elastic hair bands, glue, stuffing, and fabric. I will try and get a picture next week. The guild will sell them in a couple of fabric shops, the county fair, and the Apple Festival.

Yesterday, I did my first applique ever. I'm working on a border piece that will go on the quilt that my guild will donate to the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum that will open in Carrollton, Georgia during the first quarter of 2011. Yes, that's right....we will have our own Paducah!!!!! I'll post a picture after I get the flower sewn on to the stems.

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  1. some good looking books there! sounds like you had a productive day, hope you stayed out of the heat as much as possible.