Thursday, June 10, 2010

First And Second Attempt At Klosjes (Spools)

Can you tell which is my first attempt? I changed to Quilters Cache's tut for the bigger (second :) ) spool and it worked much better. All is not 100% good though...the block is a 1/4" too small. That was discovered when I was squaring the block and I measured the template that I had downloaded (duh! I think of that how!!). I'll have to play with the print %.

I've sewn more hexagons on (right) and cut more out and auditioned them (left). They were placed fairly randomly and only move a couple that didn't have enough contrast from it's neighbor.

Quilting just wears Reggie out!!!


  1. Seeeeeee?!?!? I told you that rain was good napping weather! Reggie, it's hard holding a needle w/your paws, isn't it buddy?!?!
    Love your spools!!!!! I've never tried to make one... because I know I'll have fits with them and then be addicted. Great hexies!

  2. Actually, the spools are easier to machine sew than the hexies. The white background angle edges are sew like a mitered corners on borders.

  3. I'm trying to avoid starting a spool quilt but I see them everywhere I go!