Friday, June 25, 2010

I've Been Reading...And My Little Dancing Machines


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These two were the hit of the wedding! They were well behaved and danced their little feet off at the reception. Although, it did get a little ugly after GD had to leave the dance after 11 pm....what a hissy fit!!!

When I travel is about the only time I buy books, otherwise, I'm a library kind of girl. It would be easy to check out a couple of books to take along, but I just don't lug hard covered books around and have to worry about leaving one behind.

It never fails that I end up buying a paperback that's the newest of an new (to me) author's series of books about a continuing character. That's the case with "The Girl Who Played With Fire", the second purchase (Walgreens). It's Stieg Larsson's fourth book (700+ pages) in the series and a lot of the characters were in earlier books. He did a good job of filling their background, so I kind of doubt that I will read the earlier books. Besides, I've read some reviews that said that the earlier books lost something in translation...from Swedish to English.

My first purchase was at the airport in Atlanta (don't I really plan ahead) and they mainly had the Top 20 on the NY best seller list. I picked #20, mainly because it was the author's first venture into crime stories (Linda Castillo previously wrote romance novels...not my thing)so, no catch up. Her second book came out June 22 and I'll be checking the library for it.


  1. HA!~Look at them dance!!!!
    I can NOT dance... at all.

  2. They certainly didn't get it from me!!!!!