Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let Me Show You My Freezer Paper Hexie Method

I used a Marti Mitchell 2.5" Hex template to cut out the freezer paper hexagons and then ironed them onto hunks of fabric. They were then rotary cut out with 1/4" seam allowance. Then the piece was put in place with a pin or two.

It's not in this picture, but I make a mark at each end of the stitching's just easier to see where to start and stop. Back stitching at the beginning and end is a must!

Then you flip it around, line it up and pin and then sew along the next side.

Now you can peel the freezer paper may be my cheapie freezer paper, but mine at this point is coming loose.

I prefer to press as I go.


  1. Hhhhhmmmm.... More than one way to get the job done! I do mine different also. I hate to tell ya how!~but it works! That's all that matters. Great tutorial! I think this is a GREAT IDEA! looks great!

  2. Thank you Sandra, the FP really does keep everything in balance and I much prefer adding on a piece at a time rather than rows.