Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In The Mountains, When I Rains...It Pours!!!

I was up in my quilting room when I heard the rumbling start and then the rain come down...hard! It frequently does rains hard here, but not like this! This picture doesn't really show the force of the rain very well.

This one doesn't that's not's good ol' Georgia clay.

Now this one gives you a better idea of how hard it was raining...water is shooting out the drown spout like it was a fire hose! My little rock drain bed performed very well!


  1. Great rain shots, love the chocolate stream!

  2. I had to use the night setting (and cancel flash)because the flash bounced off the rain drops and I had a sea of spots, which looked kinda cool.

  3. WOW!~good napping weather! :)
    Sorry bout your machine...
    Hey, did you want me to send you some of the freezer paper sheets?!?! I've dropped the ball/forgot! (imagine that!) No, I've not been myself lately, so please remind me.