Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More About Mobile Blogging

This picture was taken on my cell phone, but I had already sent it to my laptop via Bluetooth. I can't seem to send a picture email on my phone like they say is possible. Now, I can send a picture text, but that's not what they say to do! This SMS and MMS stuff is confusing....also, Blogger must think everyone has an iphone!

I'm leaving for the Atlanta airport soon (heading for Milwaukee) and I'll try a picture text and see if it works....who knows.


  1. Love this! Is it impatiens? I have some that are just starting to bloom good after being in the basement all winter. Hope you had a good trip.

  2. Yes, mine are impatiens also, they do great in the shade, are hardy, bloom from May to October, and I even have even managed to keep them over the winter.

  3. I bring them into my laundry room in the basement which stays cool and keep the flourescent lights on, they don't grow much or require much water, just kinda stay dormant, lose some leaves, get kinda leggy... but then in the spring back outside and good as new. Geraniums do well this way also.

  4. Such a pretty picture! I love, love, love impatiens.