Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hiatus Happenings Part 3......301A

I had been taking my Juki TL 2010q along but it is such a heavy beast to be bring in and out of the RV. A friend in my guild got me started on eBay and this is my one and probably only purchase on eBay. There just seems to be too much of an opportunity for dishonesty in the bidding process. This machine was not a bid or make an offer buy and was less money than any of my losing bids or declined offers.

She's not pristine but she suits me just fine and sews a really nice stitch. I like winding bobbins on her much more than the Juki.

Sweetie has made several times for the is the wine rack. It rides right where you see it and doesn't budge as we go done the road.


  1. I wouldn't want to bring my Juki along - too heavy like you say - I might bring my featherweight along with me next time we travel as the days of all hand work are slipping away with arthritis in the fingers/hands

    1. Some day I would love to add a featherweight to my small but growing group of machines.

  2. look at you sewing out by the lake, envious! I have never taken a sewing machine out on the road, but may think about it for the future

  3. Hopefully you have an older machine that is lighter than your new one.