Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hiatus Happenings Part 5....More Finishes

I love how my grandson's I Spy quilt turned out! The side and top edge pieces where done by winging it and experimentation and worked well. More fabric (full price...non sale price) was wasted than I would have liked, but I just couldn't abide with any upside down clouds.

You can't really see the backing fabric to full advantage in the was so darn cute. As I had mentioned in a previous post, the quilts headed North before I took any really detailed photos myself. Fortunately we had Quild Show & Tell before Thanksgiving and I was able to round up some some photos to document them.

My granddaughter sewed the quilt's  center from from charm squares during a visit and sewed on a couple more strips during a three week summer visit...then she was done with sewing. The pool had more allure. So I finished it.

Both the tops languished on my design wall for months until I found out in early October that my son's family was coming down for Thanksgiving. A couple of spools of King Tut were ordered and quilting commenced when it arrived. I burned through even more audio books.

These are left over bits of the faux flange bindings that put on the quilts. The blue star fabric was also used for the triangle star pieces on the I Spy quilt and I really love that fabric.  I went back to the quilt shop to see if they had any (full price fabric) left but only had a darker version left.

These two are the first quilts that I put labels on and was pleased with how they turned out. But alas photos.

I need to make some labels for Lauren's quilts and add them on a future visit.


  1. these quilts are so cute, funny about the upside down clouds, like he would notice? but you would, I can identify with that. would like to see your labels, maybe they can send pix for you with the kids using their quilts.

  2. Duh...I should have thought of that....I'll have them send pix of the labels and of the kids wrapped up in the quilts!