Sunday, January 11, 2015

Serendipity....My Word For 2015...and a Lambeau selfie

Unfortunately, I'm not in the picture. It's my son and DIL at Lambeau today and it's a balmy 28 degrees.

GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!

Now back our regularly scheduled program:

This is the first time since I've started blogging that I've participated in "My Word The Year". So I thought I would start big.

The word serendipity has been stuck in my head since the late 70’s from when I was doing a word puzzle type thing that was going around the office. There was a list of common phrases but in written in obscure or highfalutin verbiage and you had to figure out the common phrase. Now I have always tested really well in word comprehension (math not so much) and I did really well on the puzzle. One  of the puzzle phrases was neophytes serendipity or beginners luck.

I've learned over the years that serendipity has more meanings than just luck. One is the ability find good in a bad situation, like when you turn down the wrong street and end up finding a new restaraunt to try. That's how I discovered Jason's Deli...I was heading to Costco in Marrietta, Ga and I had been there plenty of time, but that particular day I ended up in a lane too far to the left and couldn't move right. So I was forced to take this huge loop before I could make my way back to Barrett Parkway...quiet a few stop lights past Costco. After I had turned back onto BPway, there was Jason's...I didn't pull in that day, but it is my lunch stop when shopping on BPway.

Serendipity can also mean the ability to see value in things that others may not...say you're still driving down that wrong turn and you see an old table at the curb, you put it in your vehicle, take it home and show it some love. It becomes a cherished possession.

Maybe this is why I love digging in a scrap bin so much...I see the value and I take them home and make a cherished possession the snowman mini shown in my January 1st post.

In November, I had finished a placemat top out of bright batik scrap bin scraps and was going to FMQ it with a complementary bright thread but, I was in such a rush to get to the quilting after the design was pounced that I didn't change out the new spool of King Tutt Pinecone (brown) thread. I had only about four inches of the design stitched when I realized my error, but the stitch quality looked really good and the brown thread didn't look offensive, so I thought "What the heck, go for it". Well after it was finished, I just loved the look. There wasn't any brown in the fabric at all but it really worked and I will use that combo again.

So, you can see value in things cast off by others, take a wrong turn and discover something unexpected and believe that with a little luck things will turn out OK!

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