Monday, February 9, 2015

Hiatus Happenings Part 7.....Audio Books

Audio books sure make time fly by whether you driving in a car or a motor and you've seen the scenery many times over...or its nothing special the first time.
Since I had a few (and rare) deadlines last year, I spent many long hours in the quilt shop listening to audio book after audio book.

It's also very enjoyable to sit by the lake, gazing out at the water while listening to a book.

I tried to get them in order, but my mobile app just doesn't want to let me rearrange photos and my screen shoot photos of the Over Drive history file were really small so I picked them in the wrong order.

As you can see, I have favorites that I'm working my way through (although the library that I borrow from doesn't always have complete series...bummer).

I like to find authors that write stand alone books that I don't need to listen to in order. 

I will look for books that my favorite readers have done for other authors. There are authors that I like, but don't care for the reader...such as J A Jance's JP Beaumont series. The same reader does the whole series and I find his tone and speech rhythm just so annoying.


  1. wow you have quite a library of audio books there! I recognize some of those authors and like them too. 'many long hours in a quilt shop' - did you work in a quilt shop? One thing that we have found very helpful when traveling (of course we usually stay in one place for many months with work) is to go to the local library and tell them you are there temporarily and get a library card, sometimes there is a small fee if you do not live there, but it is usually worth it. For example, the Ellijay library has 1054 audio books, and the Clarksville, Tennessee library has 17,851.

  2. I call my quilting area "my quilt shop" because it was Sweeties wood shop before he build his new, bigger shop behind the house in the woods.

    Even though I pay over $7,000 a year in property tax to the city of Milwaukee (rental property now) I can't get a library card. So I share my daughter's library card thru the Wisconsin Library Consortium. They to have thousands of audio books and 10 items can be checked out at one time, more than we both would ever need.

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