Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House Setters For RV Adventures

We're heading out on an RV adventure on the 22nd and will be gone at least three and a half weeks...the longest that we will be gone so far.

We are fortunate in that we live in an area that people love to come to visit and that we have retired friends and relatives that live in areas that they want to escape from at certain times of the year. Like I said, this will be our longest adventure and we are so relieved to have escapees from the frozen North coming to stay at the house while we're gone. 

Some things can't go almost a month without plants, the hot tube (they can't wait to use it), not having to have the mail held is great, or the furnace...if we get a cold snap and the furnace drain line freezes (again) and the furnace won't turn on and if no one is there to drain catch basin, water pipes will freeze and burst....I can feel my blood pressure going up just writing about the potentials for disaster.

What a relief not to have to worry about all that stuff. They (Sweetie's cousin and wife from Chicago area) will get here a couple of days before we leave and get the low down on plants, mail, hot tub, furnace, fire place and anything else we think of.

We're pretty sure we have sitters lined up for our summer adventure...escapees from southern Florida.

Ok, you're asking "What does the photo have to do with this post?"...well the probable sitters/escapees are the kids and grandkids of my fellow bobber in the picture. Grandparents and family get weeks of visiting....just not 24/7....we get peace of mind...a win-win situation.

Yesterday the 301A went into the motorhome along with several projects and fabric scraps for several more. Hopefully it will warm up a little by Saturday so we can finish readying the motorhome for a Sunday morning departure.


  1. Have fun! You picked a great time to escape from here with the temps and SNOW!

  2. Thanks...I'm sure the temps won't be very warm but it will be better than here or up north!