Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sort Of A Tutorial and Comment Notification Issues

This is sort of a tutorial for Susan...

These items (and some string scraps) are all that is required to make the quilt. For me, when I'm doing the center strip, it works best if I start with a string strip in the middle a work out to one end, then the other. The ends are a good way to use those little triangle trimmings. When I trim the strip for it's 2.5" width, I trim one side using the edge of the paper and the other side the ruler's 2.5" measure...there can be a little shrinkage during sewing...or your strip was a little off (cutting multiple strip).

Then you flip over the strip and find the center of the strip (I fold and crease) and attach triangles matching their centers to strips center.  Press. Then you position the ruler on finished block as shown above. You can eyeball or measure for the center of the strip...I like to try and balance the size of the end triangles. That's pretty much it...oh, if anyone didn't see my last post, the paper strips were cut 2.5" x 6.5" and the triangles are 3.5".

Susan also asked if I were getting email notification for comments. I was but I was getting an email notification that my attempt to comment had failed even though my comment was showing on the blog. Now that I think about it, maybe all that mumbo jumbo in the message was trying to tell me that  the email notification to the blog owner failed...? It must only be a hit or miss issue...I'm being notified.

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