Monday, March 10, 2014

Long Hours In The Quilt Shop

I've been spending long hours down in my quilt shop FM quilting gifts for my daughter's daughter. Spending enough time each day to almost finish a book each day!

The scene is the 2012 Olympics in London with a whack job causing mayhem. I do enjoy it when they have multiple readers.

Again multiple readers were used for this book who's characters included teenagers both male and female as well as adults of both genders. Set at an exclusive boarding school in Rhode Island.

This book is part of a series (book 2) and I have a hold in for book 3. The locale has changed with each book and has a very good reader.

I almost finished another book again busy to take pictures.  I spent some time on the phone today with Sew and Vac Direct because of some thread shredding issues that I was having. They are so nice and helpful...was on with Steve nice and patient.

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