Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet My New Oakey Doakey Quilting Buddy

Meet Oakey...the people that surrendered her called her Oakley, but she responds to Oakey. She is only 6 but looks a little older due to the natural white speckling on her face and paws. Oakey is a Lab/Pit/Hound? mix that ended up on the losing side of a bitter divorce. The husband brought her and a male Black Lab into a shelter, chained in the back of a pickup. When the truck stopped Oakey jumped out and nearly choked to death on the chain. Fortunately an Animal Control Officer saw it happen, saved Oakey and slapped the former owner with an animal cruelty fine. The Black Lab was so aggressive that it was put down. Oakey won the hearts of the people at the shelter and they contacted The Atlanta Dog Squad and was put in foster care. We went down to Alpharetta a couple of weeks ago to meet her and decided to bring her home that day.

Oakey loves her beds and will snooze for hours with me down in the shop. She's an Oakey Doakey Dog!

Please excuse the poor iPhone photo taken her first night home.

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